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Monday, August 29, 2011

Jewish Heritage Tour

According to the oldest evidences about the jewish settlement in Anatolia goes back to the 4th century BC.In the Byzantine and Ottoman Periods there was a Jewish Settlement in the country. in 1492 Sultan Beyazit II ordered the governers of provinces of the Ottoman Empire" not to refuse the Jews entry or cause them difficulties, but to receive them cordially."Then the sepharadim jews came and settled down in Turkey.

We provide half day tours or a full day tour for Jewish Heritages in Istanbul.

Half Day Morning Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul : Our tour starts with visiting Neva Salom Sinagogue (if possible)Neva Salom Sinagogue the largest sinagogue in Turkey,built and opened in 1951, the most religious ceremonies are held here.We walk around Galata quarter(old Jewish settlement area) ,see the Camondo family's house and Steps.(Camondo family was a Banker family in the ottoman period who lived and burried in istanbul),Italian Sinagogue and Schneider tempel Kulturel center Which was an old sinagog before. The last place in the morning tour is Askenaz Sinagogue which is the only active Askenazi sinagogue in Istanbul.

Half Day Afternoon Jewish Heritage Tour in Istanbul : Afternoon tour starts with visiting the Zulfaris sinagogue,used as Turkey Jewish Museum today.After visiting the museum we drive to the Golden Horn visit the Balat quarter, walking among the old Jewish houses which the star of David can be seen on the facades, passing in front of Ahrida and Yanbol sinagogues and Or -Ahayim Jewish Hospital. The last place in the afternoon Etz Ahayim Sinagogue in Ortakoy, active Sepharadim Sinagogue.

Price: 60 Euro


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